4 everyday crazy things to do in Da Nang

Believe or not, this is what people in my city do everyday even it sounds crazy :

1. Go to the beach at 4:00 am.

Early morning beach – By Neptune Nguyen

Don’t be afraid, getting up early in the morning to go to the beach is a fascinating habit of people in my city, you gonna see that you’re not alone. Since I was a child, in the summer days, I usually get up at 4am and go to the beach with my grandmother in a car which usually go around and take registered people. Until now, I still remember the burning oil smell of the car in the grey morning, the air is still silence and no open door. At the beach, the water was a little cold in the morning but I usually got used to it soon, then we, me and my friends took the bath, had conversation and relax before a long day.

By Neptune Nguyen

People who swimming at the beach could be anyone, from the old woman who will go to her shop at the market after that or the girls who don’t want the sun to burn their skin. The beach usually get crowded around 5am when people came and end at 6:30 am when the sun starting to fully rise.

2. Try Vietnamese Danang style coffee

A street coffee – By Neptune Nguyen

I used to work as an interpreter for a Doctor team of Australian & New Zealand, when the doctor said they want to drink a coffee, a double, I asked surprisingly if they’re really sure because the coffee is really strong. And what happen happened, no one can finish haft of the little coffee cup which equal to a everyday morning coffee of people in my city.So I warn you, don’t think Da Nang’s coffee as it was in Starbuck, it’s usually a lot biter, stronger and challenge your tongue.

Long Coffee, they sell around 1000 cup of coffee everyday – From Ngoisao.net

Danang is also a paradise of coffee shops, you can find plenty of coffee shop here from the cheapest one to the most expensive one, from the street to the garden, from the corner to the top stages. Imagine a morning, you walk from your living place to the small coffee shop right at the other side of the road and order a fast cup of coffee while reading newspaper. Or maybe in a good day, you want to have a zen or chatting with friend, just call them and choose a beautiful place, what a life.

Cafe Nia - Đà Nẵng 2011 ( Film Elan7 + 35 1.4 )

Nia coffee, one of my favourite

And of course we didn’t lack of the crazy places 🙂

Traffic plate Coffee by dulichdanang.vn

3. Challeging your motorbike driving skill on Hai Van Pass road

“As the now former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson put it, the road is: “A deserted ribbon of perfection – one of the best coast roads in the world.”” – Top 10 great scenic drives around the world, The Guardian.

Hai Van most dangerous curve – By Xom Nhiep Anh

And as seen in the featured image, one of the most dangerous road in Vietnam with a lot of curves and on-the-edge road. But everthing has it’s price, your rewards could be the salt wind in a beach road trip or the beauty of mountain when you suddenly want to stop. With a motorcycle, you have all your freedom.

Ocean view from the top – Wikipedia

Vietnam is a country of motorcycle so it is quite a waste if you haven’t tried to travel on motorcycle once, even it looks like a mess on the road but you will soon see that everything have their own working way. In addition, Danang is one of the safest city in Vietnam where you can drive motorcycle because of our good traffic and people don’t usually driving too fast, so, be strong. Here is where you can have some basic skill to drive a motorbike in Vietnam from the links below:

How to ride a motorbike in vietnam (and not end up in the hospital)

– I’m Riding A $450 Motorcycle Across Vietnam

Simon Jones – http://www.beforeiforget.co.uk/

4. Mid-night street food: Noodle, Duck rice soup and Baby duck egg

A midnight food place at Con Market, you can even find coffee here – By Neptune Nguyen

Midnight foods are something can never be missed in Danang. On the picture above is a place at Con Market, sometime after going to a bar, I usually went here with my friend to have a bowl of Duck rice soup with a dish of Duck boiling organs.  We can find many kind of foods and drinks here from noodle to beer and even midnight coffee.

51eea7c8d6a2a9b9e390a094329d03dbAnother hobby of me and my girlfriend (yep, I have a girl friend) are eating Duck baby egg at night. The “Duck baby egg” name (Fertilized Duck Eggs or Balut) means what it means, a bady duck in the egg, and somehow it is one of the most 
terrifying foods of the world.  We usually eat it in night, sitting next to the table with an oil lamp, so that it is not very clear to see the duck inside the egg.

Life is so short, why afraid, try something new!

17 Comments Add yours

  1. Great post, Long. It makes me miss Vietnam badly!
    I went to HaiVan pass road once ages ago, but I still remember how beautiful it was.
    ‘Saigonese’ also love street coffee and duck baby egg, but we don’t actually enjoy the beach at 4am, lol. Its sound like crazy to me 🙂
    I love to know more interesting things of this beautiful city.
    Looking forward to see your next post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Long Nguyen says:

    Thx Kathy, it’s very happy when you enjoy my post, I surely will introduce more about my city and even help you to discover it 1 day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. onamkhatri says:

      After this amazing post i can’t wait to drive on the most dangerous curve! Great work Long! 😀


      1. Long Nguyen says:

        I used to lead a group of Indian through Hai Van’s curves by Motorcycle, it’s nearly night when we went to the top, what a terryfic feeling 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. onamkhatri says:

        We should plan this trip soon! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. JulieD says:

    Hi, long! I’ve tried 2 of them. It was really cool. I hope to go back to Da Nang soon to do the rest 😀


    1. Long Nguyen says:

      I guess you haven’t tried to get up at 4am and the Hai Van Pass 🙂


  4. Thanks for the post! Gotta love a sunrise at the beach! And the Hai Van Pass road looks amazing.


    1. Long Nguyen says:

      Yeah, it used to be a very dangerous road, but now we had a tunnel through the mountain so there are no big cars anymore 🙂


  5. little A says:

    I dont know how much I am in love with Danang ❤ what an amazing city 🙂 havent tried the coffee yet. But I may give up on trying the coffee as I can't stand a long black coffee 😦 I love the seafood. CHEAP and YUMMY. I will go back sometime 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Long Nguyen says:

      I sure that there are a lot of things that only me can show you 🙂


  6. Ngoc Anh says:

    I am always a big fan of Danang city. Thanks for the nice post. I have tried all 4 activites there. If I have to choose a destination for vacation, Danang definitely will be in my first list.


    1. Long Nguyen says:

      There are some more interesting place that only people like me can show you, come again 😉


  7. Amin says:

    That’s amazing. Da Nang must be beautiful.


    1. Long Nguyen says:

      Yep, that’s my city, it has to be 😉


  8. Kate Ngo ^^ says:

    I love your blog! so so beautiful pixes and bundle of information! hihi thanks a lot for sharing with us! ^^


    1. Long Nguyen says:

      Thx, I really put my heart inside them 🙂


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